Online Shopping Deals, Spa & Restaurants Review

Online Shopping Deals, Spa & Restaurants Review

Thursday, May 6, 2010

About – Daily Deals & Exculsive Offers on Spa, Restaurant, Resorts and Pubs for Masthideals Members! is the cool place for hot deals on spa, restaurants, pubs, resorts in your favourite cities like Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai. We get you a great deal on a great stuff to do, eat, buy or see in your city. Great discounts of 50% or more on the best deals everyday on masthi deals website.

Daily Deals Chennai

We feature one deeply discounted deal from your favourite businesses on any day. It might be a Restaurant, Coffe Shop, Resort, Spa, Adventure sport etc.

You get a discount ( which typically is 50% or more of the actual cost) when the minimum number of people buy. Practically it sells all the time as the discounts are high, products are good and we have a large number of audience.

If the minimum number of people do not buy then the deal does not go live and the user is not charged.

I find a great deal in MasthiDeals. What do I do now?

Click "BUY" and pay for it before the offer closes. If the minimum no. of people as specified in the deal buy it, we will email a voucher the day the deal ends or immediatley after the minimal number is reached.
Do I have to sign up a group to get the deal?

Not necessarily. Most of the times you will find smart people among the huge audience of MasthiDeals who will buy this. However, you can do a favour to your friends, family, co-workers, by inviting them since masthideals are fun to use and you can gift it too!

What happens to the deal if the minimum no. of people don′t buy it?

If the minimum number of people don′t buy it, then the deal is cancelled, and your charge will be reversed. So if you really want it, you invite all your friends to it!

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